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Medium Home Price Values Compared to Savings Rate - Housing Data can be found here,
Starting Date
  • Interest Rate in Percent
The medium housing price is a good measure of the real inflation rate. Below shows the cost of the medium home price over the last 20 years. You can change the date to see the change in price at different time periods. The next plot is the value of a compounding savings account. If you would have taken the same amount of money as the house and put it a savings account you would see the second plots change in value. The third is simply the difference of the first and second plots and shows wich would have been the better store of you wealth. Adjust the interest rate of the savings account and the start date to see the difference. Also consider you have a tax cost assciated with the house.

Medium Home Price Over Time

Saving Based on Compounding Interest Over Time

Loss of Dolar Value In a Savings Account Relative to a House

Salary Information
This computes your present day salary based the number of raises. This assumes the starting salary occurred on the date on the previous screen. The Initial Salary is just an estimate and is the same as the initial home price on the previous tab. Change the numbers to reflect actual numbers. Again, the change in the medium home price is used as the base inflation rate.
  • Anual Cost of Living Rate Increase in Percent
  • Total Number of Raises
  • Initital Salary
  • Salary after Raises
  • 20% Payroll Deductions for Taxes and Insurance
  • Final Salary after Raises with 20% Payroll Deductions
  • Percentage Purchasing Power Loss Due to Inflation
  • Actual Salary after Purchasing Power Loss Due to Inflation